Thursday 9 December 2010

We landed on Wednesday afternoon for Thursdays market .Prices were a not so good this trip.The fish procession companies have had big problems over the past week getting their fish delivered to their customers because poor road conditions all over the UK.
We intend to sail again on Sunday for our last trip this year.


  1. hope all well aboard the budding rose. sorry ive not commented of late been a hectic year. how well did the 22 ton sell? does anyone no the whereabouts of amity pd 177 skipper jimmy buchan does he still skipper the trawler, many thanks borderer

  2. hi borderer lve been really busy aswell lately .l was at a dinner dance on Friday and jimmy was there .he is still fishing with the amity.

  3. ah glad to hear hes still fishing i used to follow his seafish blog but that stopped due to political interests during last election. what is the budding rose doing for xmas?. weve just finished harvesting brussel sprouts were meant to be done end November start December due to bad weather was a no go. so had ten tractor and trailers and 2 harvesters and 2000 tonnes and 300 artic loads later the fields are empty and mr morrison is happy his supermarkets have sprouts for the xmas season. cheers borderer